Progressive Muslims Network

Progressive Muslims Network was born on January 1st of 1999 as an e-mail discussion group. Its creation was the result of months, even years of discussion and debate among some of the activists of different Muslim communities in Toronto (Canada) regarding the issues of their communities and the need for a forum to discuss, decide and eventually act upon such obstacles.

The group knew from the start what some of these issues were. It was also agreed that there are hundreds of other topic that would require their attention. Furthermore, it seemed clear that to get a clear and more accurate view of the issues, the input of a much larger group was needed. A larger group that would include people of different ideas, races, backgrounds, economical status and geographical locations.

Most of the issues identified were also issues of other Muslims, and others around the globe. Poverty, racism, social injustice, political oppression and discriminations based on gender, age, colour, physical ability or other parameters are not issues that can be dealt with without addressing the larger questions and their true causes.

With that in mind, the logical solution was to use the global reach of the Internet to spread our concerns and attempt to find others with similar ideas.

Within a few short weeks, Progressive Muslims Network enjoyed a tremendous growth and caused a collection of scholars, students, professionals, activists, organizations and communities to come together that was beyond any of the original group's wildest dreams. Members from as far places as Singapore, Australia and South Africa joined others in the Middle East, Europe and North America to discuss their ideas in a friendly, non-judgmental forum.

The only rules requested by list administrators were common courtesy, no foul language and no commercial announcements. However the comment that received most positive attention from the original invitation letter was its promise to "provide a place where you can express your thoughts without the fear of being labeled a Kaafar, Moshrek or Monafegh."

This rapid growth also necessitated the need to expand the activities of "the network" beyond a mere discussion forum. Our cyber home is the first step beyond the original list. It will serve as a place to post articles, events, announcements and future plans.

We hope that you enjoy your stay with us and recommend it to others.